1926   Purchase of the premises at Mühlenstraße in Uedem by the founder Josef Hahlen
1928   Start-up with coal- and chemical fertilizer business
1939   Closing of business due to World War II
1945   End of World War II, start-up with a farm
1948   Re-opening of coal business after the monetary reform by Josef and Helmut Hahlen
1948   Support of reconstruction works in Uedem
1952   Purchase of the first truck for coal business, transportation and clearance of junk in Uedem
1953   Start-up with a construction material– and potato business
1959   Construction of the first stock for chemical fertilizer, later on used for milk powder
1962   death of the founder Josef Hahlen
1964   1964 The first liters of fuel oil are sold.
Purchase of the first tank truck
1968   Foundation of the company Uedemer-Kartoffel-Vertrieb
The company Helmut Hahlen remains an independent company for storage, transportation, fuel oil- and coal business
1970   construction of the first sorting facility
1970-1986   Construction of three further stocks for the storage of milk powder, re-constructed in the nineties to a potato storage facility. (2470 m² or 6.000 tons of potatoes)
1989   1989 Merger of the companies Helmut Hahlen and Uedemer- Kartoffel- Vertrieb to Helmut Hahlen Uedemer Kartoffel Vertrieb Gmb
1990   Refurbishment of the sorting facility and construction of a loading facility
1991-1994   Opening of a branch office in Duisburg (retail business) for the sale of potatoes in bags
1996   Hans-Bernd Hahlen becomes a member of the management
2000   Refurbishment and construction of a residential- and office building
2001   Closing of fuel oil business, specialization on potato transports and -business
2006   Construction of a yard roofing and refurbishment of the sorting facility building
2007   2007 Construction of a potato stock with a mechanical cooling system for 6500 tons of potatoes on a new premise at Wellesweg in the industrial area of Uedem
2010   Extension of potato stock at Wellesweg for about 3.000 t