About us

The companyHelmut Hahlen Uedemer-Kartoffel-Vertrieb is a wholesaler and warehouse forpotatoes in Uedem, located in the lower Rhine Valley in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Our companyis located in the Lower Rhine Valley in the district of Kleve, in the mainproduction area for potatoes.

There wesort out potatoes and pack them in net bags, big bags or bulk and load them.

We have a stockof more than 5000 m² in which we store about 15.000 tons of potatoes. Thestocks are partially equipped with mechanical cooling systems in order to beable to store the potatoes until June/July. That gives us the possibility tosupply our customers from the beginning of July (early potatoes) until the endof June (from stock).

Ourcustomers are mainly in the potato retail business or are potato processingplants from Germany, the Netherlands or other European countries. We have got agood business relationship to all our customers for years.

Normally weget our potatoes primarily from the suppliers of our growing area, with whom wehave long-term contract farming, but we also buy potatoes from other regions ofGermany or European countries.

Wetransport the potatoes with our own trucks. Furthermore we also transportpotatoes for a potato processing plant in the Netherlands.

Another activity of our company is the business with table - und seedpotatoes.